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There are so many misconceptions that can happen with the spoken word, especially when cell phones are involved.   A recent joke circulating on Facebook involves a person speaking on their cell phone in the bathroom and the person in the stall next to them thinks they are talking to them.  This isn’t funny since I have actually had it happen to me.  I once stood outside of a gas station bathroom and I could hear the person inside speaking to me.  I didn’t really know what the lady was saying, but I kept trying to be polite and answer her.  A few moments later she walked out and gave me a look like I was crazy.  Granted, this was in the late 90s and cell phones weren’t as common place, at least that is my explanation.

So what was my excuse today?  I was at the cell phone store making changes to my plan when I overheard a young man telling the clerk that he had lost his “sensation” recently in the hospital.  I thought “Wow, he looks pretty good for losing his sensation”.  Did he lose his sense of touch in his arms or legs, or maybe something even worse? Of course, I had to ask him about it.

“I couldn’t help but overhear that you had lost your sensation.  Were you in an accident?”  I asked.

He grinned and chuckled as he told me “Ma’am, a Sensation is a phone”.

Since I was in a cell phone store, common sense should have kicked in and gave me a clue with the word “sensation”, but that rarely happens in my world.