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Once a band kid, always a band kidMarching band was a huge influence on my children as they were growing up.  There wasn’t any football or track for Amber and Ryan in high school, just marching band. Ryan played the baritone for several years while Amber was co-captain and captain of the color guard.  For those of you not familiar with band, it is far more rigorous than one would think.  Try spending two weeks at band camp marching all day, two hours every school-day morning practicing, and marching at all day competitions.  Talk about exhausting!

While as tough as marching band can be, it still isn’t considered a sport.  Just don’t tell that to anyone involved though.  These kids work hard and it shows.  That mind set of sports will forever be with them all.

Take for example Amber and Ryan.  One day we were having a conversation about the game of dodge ball that is often played in recreational gym across the country.  Dodge ball can be a very dangerous game both physically and emotionally, causing many school districts to “ban dodge ball” completely.  While I was explaining this to my kids, they just looked at me with the most perplexed look.

After a few moments of contemplation Ryan asked, “Were they throwing tubas at each other?”

I had to think about this for a minute before I realized what he was talking about.  “No son, they didn’t have “band” dodge ball, they “banned” dodge ball.”

Once a band kid, always a band kid.