I thrive on garage sales, thrift shops, flea markets, and craigslist.  I don’t believe in paying more money for anything than I have too and could care less if I purchase an item new.  As long as the item I purchase looks nice and is in good operating condition, I am thrilled!  Why pay $50 for something when it can be found somewhere for $5?  Well, I made one of those finds this morning and was quite pleased with myself. For the low price of only $1.99, I found a Hamilton Beach 1.5 quart ice cream maker that retails on Amazon for $39.95.  Oh yeah!  Ice cream was on the menu for this afternoon.

Excitedly, I went to the grocery store to get ½ and ½ (on clearance for $1) and heavy whipping cream.  My enthusiasm was growing as I drove home, anticipating putting everything together, and surprising my husband with homemade ice cream later.  It didn’t take long to prep the ingredients and pour into the ice cream maker.  A flip of the on switch and it was good to go.  Of course, being the blonde that I am, I didn’t bother to find a manual on the internet, I just winged it.  This machine doesn’t involve using salt and ice, it has a built-in gel that is used in their place, so how hard could it be?  Twenty minutes went by and still the ice cream wasn’t forming.  Maybe this was going to take longer than I thought.  Another twenty minutes went by and still nothing.  Perhaps it was time to find that manual online after all.

Well, finding the manual beforehand probably would have been the wisest non-blonde decision.  It seems that even though this ice cream maker doesn’t use ice, the base that includes the gel has to be frozen ahead of time.  What a letdown, all that work only to end up with a container of goo.   Lesson learned, of course.  The maker was frozen all day and finally, the real ice cream is in the process.

Ice Cream, Oh Yeah!