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Hospitals and modesty have very little in common it seems.  When I was in the hospital with my first child, I was still able to play the modesty card until after she was born.  I was actually hospitalized for a week before labor because of preeclampsia (swelling and blood pressure issues) but was still able to maintain my hospital innocence and not frighten anyone with my naked body.  By the time I was in labor I no longer cared.  The same can be said for my labor and hospital stay with son Ryan.  In fact, I was of the opinion that before the baby, I couldn’t stand to let anyone see me inappropriately, but afterwards I could have walked down the hall naked and shown my bare butt to the world.

Things change after twenty years though.  I was hospitalized for minor chest pains the other day and was able to enjoy (not) having my bare chest shown not once, but numerous times to hospital staff.  Obviously, I have never had breast implants, because gravity is no longer my friend.  Not that this bothers me terribly, but my naked bosom is not something that I care to show a bunch of strangers.  My mammary glands were the least of my concern though.  I managed to fall asleep in the afternoon with my au naturel rear flashing every hospital visitor that walked by.  What a site for them!  Trust me, I would have fully clothed my tush if it weren’t for the puncture site in my groin from the heart catheter (remind me to never have that done again).

Hospital fun

I have no plans for being back in the hospital for another twenty years, so I will be able to keep my modesty in check until then.