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I just spent the evening watching Hot Tub Time Machine, one of my favorite funny movies.  The memories that it brings back are unbelievable:  big hair, bright colors, and too much over-indulgence.  I loved the 80s but have no desire to ever live them again, but man, we did have fun!

1969 Firebird

One such night of debauchery was one that I think helped me to finally start to grow up a bit, something that was certainly needed.  This was before we had children and felt we were invincible.  Alzado and I were at a party together but came in different vehicles.  He drove the infamous Firebird,while I drove our crappy, little truck.  The party itself was wasn’t very memorable but what followed assuredly was.  I made the mistake of having too much alcohol and telling my husband I could drive home fine.  I didn’t need his help!  I was Super Woman!  Well, Super Woman I was not.  I wasn’t drunk, just a little tipsy, but that didn’t matter.  I had no business getting behind the wheel of that truck.  It wasn’t too many miles down the road before I landed the truck into a ditch and my head into the dash, leaving me with a nice gash.  I got out of the truck, realized I had lost my shoes, and headed to the road.  However, it wasn’t long before I could hear the Firebird screeching down the road.  Alzado came to my rescue, drove the truck out of the ditch, and made me drive it home before we both got pulled over.  (Kids, don’t try this at home).

One would think we would be coming to the moral of the story at this point, but not.  We made it home safely and Alzado tucked me into bed.  Our bed at the time was the definitive 80s bed, a water-bed with a big wooden head-board.  Displayed on the head-board was a very heavy, repeat, heavy vase that we got for a wedding present.  Here I was in bed with a possible concussion and cut on my forehead when my husband knocked the very heavy, repeat, very heavy vase off the head-board and onto my head giving me a full-blown concussion.  We ended up our night of partying at the hospital so I could get stitches from that lovely vase.

Fortunately, we have grown up and don’t drink and drive any longer.  We also raised our children to do the same.  Instead of being a funny story, this could have been the end of the story.  Lesson learned, I never drank and drove again or for that matter let my husband drop a five-pound vase on my head.