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Today is my son Ryan’s twentieth birthday.  Hard to believe that twenty  years have gone by since my little boy was born and now is is a grown man.  It is said that time flies by before you know it, how true.  There are so many stories packed into those years, but the following is probably my favorite.

One day I came home from work and looked out onto the back patio.  Ryan was there with a friend and it was obvious that they were having a blast.  I watched as they joked around and had a great time. Ryan was thirteen at the time and so was his friend.  Before I knew it though, the great time involved fire!  Ryan and his buddy had somehow managed to make flame throwers and were shooting fire at each other!  Upon further inspection, the flame throwers involved two bottles of my favorite cologne and lighters.  It seems that Ryan and his friend had figured out that if they sprayed the cologne and ignited the spray with the lighter they could make torches.

Making flame throwers out of my Mother’s favorite perfume was not something that I ever recall doing, but it seemed to be a lot of fun for teenage boys.