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I learned this evening that I am not prepared. Not even slightly prepared.
I am not talking about the kind of preparedness that most would think of (at least conspiracy nuts likes us). True, I am ready for any kind of disaster, be it natural or man made. We have kept food supplies stocked up for months at time for years and even have bugout bags ready at all times. Bugout bags are backpacks filled with water and supplies for three days in case of an emergency. It is always good to be ready for any kind of emergency, especially with the ongoing threat of a zombie apocalypse.

No, the emergency preparedness supplies I am talking about are far more important! The “Grandma Bag” for the hospital needs to be filled and ready to go at all times. For those of you who don’t know, my daughter, Amber, is almost 38 weeks pregnant and could honestly have her baby at any time. Of course, Amber’s hospital bag is packed, ready to go, and has been for some time. As it should be. However, after a couple hour hospital stay this evening for minor blood pressure issues for Amber, I realized that I too, was in need of a bag. Now, for the record, this baby and delivery is all about Amber and the baby, but Grandma needs a few things too.

So off to packing the bag I went. My bag is slightly different from Amber’s containing more beauty-type items. See, I will not be pushing out a baby and can, therefore, keep my makeup and hair in check. So, of course, makeup, comb, and hairspray made the initial cut into the bag. Second was two changes of clothing with matching jewelry (gotta look good for visitors). Finely, snacks, water, and medication were packed. I would have loved to have had my “Grandma Bag” this evening after I looked down at my Capris and realized that I must have spilled supper all over them before coming to the hospital. Trust me, washing a huge stain out of a pair of pants with a paper towel rarely works well.

My role as Grandma in the labor and delivery of my Granddaughter is far different than my own role in giving birth. I am there to support my daughter in anyway possible, but hey, might as well look good doing it.

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