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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. In a way, it used to come before Christmas for me. Hopefully God won’t strike me down with a lightening bolt for that last statement. Halloween was for so long been such a huge part of my life. Finding new ideas to decorate and fun themes for costumes, who could ask for more? At least that is the way it used to be.

Seven years ago we purchased the home of our dreams (probably a nightmare for others). Our house is located south a median-size metropolitan area, about 150,000 people total. Yes, it is south of town, but still with a lot of houses in the area. I was so excited that first Halloween and decorated to the hilt. Amber and Ryan were still in their early teens, so Halloween was just as much fun them. They dressed in costumes and left with their friends to run around. Care was taken to make sure the house was spooky enough, but not enough to frighten small children. Candy was purchased and ready to go in my special candy bowl with the moving creepy hand. I even dressed up with my devil headband and sparkly read makeup. Oh, what fun we were going to have!

About 5:30 the front porch light was turned on and my excitement was stirring. I couldn’t wait for all the little children to start showing up in their costumes. Unfortunately, wait is all I did. Not a single kid or person came to our door that evening. The road we live on is very busy and had no sidewalks at the time, so I should have realized. Finally my kids came home and I was able to give out some candy to someone. This year the county installed sidewalks but I am not going to get my hopes up.