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Apparently Buffy the Cat went running down the hallway, jumped and flipped into the air, and knocked a very expensive (at least by my standards) piece of art crashing to the floor. The crash was loud enough to wake me to a start at 4:30 this morning, making my heart start pounding. Now, we have a house full of animals, so it’s not unusual for things to be knocked over and hear a little noise, but this was loud.

I jumped out of bed and dashed to the hallway to see the glass and frame from my favorite wall hanging in a zillion pieces on the floor. Now, I am not one of those people who salivate over material objects, but this picture I loved.  It was a framed print of a Young Woman With A Water Pitcher by Johannes Vermeer, originally painted in 1662.  The real painting hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

The sadness of seeing such a beautiful piece crushed on the floor was terrible.  My husband then proceeded to tell me the story of how Buffy the Cat did his little hallway dance and knocked it off of the wall.  Even though I was in a daze from just waking up, I still managed to think this through a little bit.  You see, Buffy the Cat is old, fat, and lazy.  The thought of him doing somersaults in the air is not only amusing, but impossible.  It didn’t take long for the hubby to confess.  It seems he was running late this morning for work and rushed down the hall, meeting Buffy the Cat just in front of the print.  He moved out of Buffy’s way and grazed the painting, causing it to rock back and forth.  It wasn’t long after that the crash came.

Fortunately, the print itself wasn’t damaged and the frame can be salvaged.  All I need to do is get a new piece of glass.   Thank goodness!

Buffy the Cat

Crashed to the Floor

Young Woman With A Water Pitcher