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The last few weeks have been hectic and somewhat stressful with the pregnancy of our daughter Amber and the birth of Harper.  I spent quite a bit of time staying with Amber while her boyfriend worked and then of course helping her out at the hospital.  That is the way it should be though, Mom helping out.  She is doing well now and is going to be an awesome Mother.  She also has a great support system with her boyfriend Ed, making me super proud of both of them.

However, things were pretty tough on my husband while I was away so many nights.  For some reason, men (at least mine) have a difficult time functioning on their own.  Even though I made sure that his supper was made and everything was ready for him the next day (breakfast, lunch, clothes laid out), he just about didn’t survive.  At least, that is how he felt.  I guess that I should be happy that my husband depends on me so much and can’t live without me, but after thirty years together you think I would be able to get him out of the diaper stage.