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Harper Ann

Spent some time watching my beautiful, new Granddaughter, Harper this evening. She is a daily reminder of just how precious life really is.  I am blessed to be able to spend so much time with her.  Even though this is a blessing, it is also something that I am having to learn all over again.  One would think that taking care of a baby would be like riding a bike, something you never forget.  Not true, at least not in my case.

The first hint that I was going to have to do a little re-learning was when I changed her diaper the other day.  I quickly removed her little bottoms, the dirty diaper, and then proceeded to clean up the lovely surprise.  I was so proud of myself for multi-tasking and getting the job done.  The only problem was that I took just a little too long to place the clean diaper under Harper’s tush allowing her to pee on just about everything.  A simple diaper change turned into a complete outfit change.  Lesson learned

One task that I haven’t seem to forgot completely how to do though is bottle feeding.  Good thing, couldn’t have Harper hungry on my watch.  Now, just because I haven’t forgotten how to do it doesn’t mean there haven’t been some issues.  Come on, this is Michele the Happy Blonde, would you expect any less?  Well, Harper was hungry this evening, so I got the bottle out of the diaper bag that Amber sent so I could warm it up a little bit.  After sitting down with Harper, I did the old-fashioned test of squirting some of the milk on my inner forearm to make sure the milk wasn’t too hot.  It wasn’t until Harper was greedily sucking at the bottle that it dawned on me that I had just squirted my daughter’s breast milk all over my arm.  At least I didn’t do a taste test, that would have been just a little bit creepy.