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It’s amazing what kids can get into or do when they are little, no matter how much you are watching them or think they are behaving.  My kids weren’t terrible when they were growing up, but they did do some very interesting things.  At the time, they were kind of stressful and drove me insane, but now, they are great stories to torture them with.  In fact, I am often reminded, mostly by Amber’s boyfriend Ed, that I have told “that” story a hundred times.  Yes, I have Ed, but there is a reason, it’s funny as Hell!

The house that we lived in when the kids were little had a basement with a bedroom that was Amber’s at the time.  Full of toys and little girl stuff, she and her friends would spend hours down there playing.  Occasionally, her little brother would be allowed to come into the “girl zone”.  This was usually not a good thing though, because since the day he was born, Amber enjoyed torturing him in some manner. As he got older though, he managed to get her back.

Once when Amber was seven and Ryan was around three, she and her friend from across the street let Ryan come down stairs and play with them.  They were down there quite awhile, but since I didn’t hear any screaming, I didn’t worry too much.  Most times I would pop my head in to make sure everyone was OK.  Sometimes I would just yell down the stairs hoping to get a response.

Imagine the look on my face when Ryan came running into the living room from downstairs naked as the day he was born.  It took me a few seconds to register what was wrong with him.  The girls had not only stripped him naked, but took an ink stamp and stamped him all over his body.  Nothing like My Little Pony on his bare butt.  After I got over the laugh, I explained to the girls that it wasn’t very appropriate to strip a three-year old down and cover him in ink stamps.  Then I got the joy of going across the street to tell the neighbor what they did.  Good thing she had a sense of humor too.

I learned from this that even if they seem like they are getting along, children are probably up to something.  🙂