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I used to work with a couple of ladies who were slightly crazier than I am, Cassidy and Lupe.  Cassidy, of course, was the main culprit, always doing something awful and causing mischief.  Lupe, on the other hand, was the quiet one.  The only problem with the quiet one is that they can cause even more trouble than the main protagonist.

I always tried to be on the lookout for whatever devilry Cass might be up to, but I was frequently the blunt of her joke.  It was OK though, I have a good sense of humor and enjoyed the fun she cooked up (most of the time).  She once tricked me into eating a sliver of a Habanero pepper by pretending to put it in her mouth and telling me how good it was.  What a load of bull!  I thought I was going to hack up a lung it was so hot.  Now, you would think that I learned my lesson from this little episode, but once a blonde (even if I have to dye it now) always a blonde.

Friendly, pretty, and innocent little Lupester came up to me one morning not long before lunch with three pieces of red Mike and Ike’s candy for me.  I thought she was being so sweet.  Since I didn’t want to eat the candy right then, I wrapped them in tissue and put them in my pocket.  They would make a great snack for later.

It wasn’t long before Cass came up to me and asked, “didn’t Lupe give you some candy?  Was it good?”

“Oh yeah, I completely forgot about it!  Thanks girly”, was my happy reply.

Fake Mike and Ike Candy

So, with great anticipation, I pulled out the candy and unwrapped it from the tissue.  They felt a little gooey and the tissue was sticking a bit, but I figured that they just melted a little bit in my pocket and they would be OK.  So I cleaned off what I could of the tissue and popped one in my mouth.  I was expecting a cinnamony splash of flavor and instead got a taste of ick when I bit into the “candy”.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that this wasn’t a Mike and Ikes, oh no, it was something definitely not edible.

I looked over across the break room to see Cass and Lupe in hysterics, looking as if they were getting ready to almost roll on the floor.  I knew right then I had been gotten good.  It seems they used red wax from the laboratory and rolled it up to resemble candy.  Even though I had already been the blunt of many of Cassidy’s jokes over the past couple of years, she knew I was and will always be extremely gullible.  After I got over the grody feeling of almost eating wax, it was actually pretty funny.  Thank you Cassidy and Lupe for the of the funniest days I have ever had.  I miss you guys.