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Often I would go to lunch with the girls from work to a place called the Pizza Parlor in Oakland.  It’s a great little restaurant that is worthy of stopping at if you have never visited, the food is awesome.  On one particular trip, I went with only Cassidy and Lupe for lunch.  It was a pretty normal lunch for us, lots of laughs, including Cassidy trying to stick salt and pepper shakers down my pants, and shoving packets of sugar in my purse.  Cassidy would also usually try to dupe me into believing some silly story with my innocent little Lupe backing her up. Sometimes I would believe them, sometimes not.  Occasionally they would actually tell me a true story that I refused to believe because it was just too wild.

After a couple of years of this, one would think that my gullibility factor would have improved, but nope, not mine.  Maybe it isn’t that I am not so much an easy mark, but just a trusting person.  Not often would I get the chance to get even with them, but such opportunity presented itself during that lunch.  We all went to the counter to pay with Cassidy leading the pack.  She handed her debit card to the waitress who handed it back to Cass because it wasn’t working.  Poor Cass turned bright red and asked Lupe to pay for her meal too.  Now, in Cassidy’s defense, her card wasn’t working because of a screw up with the bank.  Still, she looked mortified because it wouldn’t work and for having to ask Lupe to bail her out.

Standing behind Cass, watching her extreme embarrassment, and bright red cheeks, I knew it was my turn to POUNCE!  Time for a little payback baby.  I walked up to the counter, paid for my food, then apologized to the waitress for their behavior.

“Children, I can’t take them anywhere in public! They never behave” I bitched at the waitress with a twinkle in my eye.  Then turning to Cass and Lupe, I began to scold them.  “I can’t wait to get home and tell your Father what you just did!  He is going to be so pissed” I fussed at them.

Lupe looked at me and could only say “but Mom!” as I scooted them out of the restaurant and into the car.

I don’t think that we ever laughed as hard as we did that day on our way back to work.