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Uncle Simon the Three-Legged Super Hero

Last night was the first night that a baby has spent the night in my home in 19 years.  Talk about stressful.  Not for the baby, but for me.  My grandbaby Harper stayed with us so Amber and Ed could go to a party.  It wasn’t stressful because of Harper, but more fear on my part that something would go wrong.  Sounds silly, doesn’t it? I have raised two children, pretty good kids I might add, and never had any issues.  Both kids survived my parenting skills and seem well adjusted.  No serial killer children in my family from living with a psycho Mom.  Don’t most serial killers have issues with their Mothers?

Anyhow,  Harper did just fine and fell asleep about midnight, but not me.  I didn’t dare take a sleeping pill (I take them for the RLS and also helps with the Fibromyalgia).  However, I can still usually get some some sleep without a pill, but not last night.  I was too paranoid that something would happen.  What if the cat jumped into bed with Harper?  What if she had boogers in her nose and couldn’t breath? What if? What if? What if?  The things going through my mind were endless, such a precious life was in my hands.

If only I had thought about Uncle Simon.  He would have watched over little Harper so I could close my eyes.  You see, Uncle Simon is one of our dogs.  Now, the dogs had not been introduced very much to Harper yet because she is so tiny and they are extremely rowdy.  We have four dogs, a St. Bernard mix, a Pit Bull (not what you think, he is kind and sweet), a grumpy, old poodle mix, and Simon, a I have no idea mix.  Of all of the dogs, Simon is the protector, the savour of small animals, and lover of all.  Since Amber is technically his sister in our strange pet-filled environement, he is Uncle Simon to Harper.

My husband is a little slow at remodeling and even though Amber had been pregnant for nine months and Harper is now one month old, the new baby room at our house is just in the process of being painted and redone.  I would have done it, but Bob is a perfectionist and I don’t work up to his standards, so It takes years sometimes for projects to get done.  This one will hopefully be done this week.  Cross you fingers. Even though the new crib is set up in our bedroom, Harper and I couldn’t sleep in there since Bob gets up for work at 3:30 in the morning.  He works hard for his family and needs his sleep.  Otherwise he is grumpy and I get to listen to him whine.  So I laid on the couch in the family room with the play pen next to me while Harper slept.  Finally!  3:30 arrived and we were able to move to the bedroom.  Harper had her bottle and she was ready to get down and party! I kicked the two big dogs out of the bedroom and made them sleep in the family room while Simon and grumpy Mr. Foofers slept with us on the bed.  This was not Simon’s first meeting with Harper and I could tell he was overjoyed.  You see, Simon has never been around a baby, but has helped raise several litters of kittens.  Simon was there when the kittens were born each time and even cleaned them up for the Momma Kitty.  As the kittens would get older, Simon would round them up from their sleepping box to come sleep with him.  He loved those baby kitties.  So, for Uncle Simon, Harper is a big baby kitty that he can help protect.  He was devasted this morning when she left and kept looking all over the house and crib for her. Did I mention that Simon has only three legs?

Not everyone was as thrilled as Simon though.  Mr. Foofers is a very old dog with a large hernia on his tummy and cataracts on his eyes.  His resting place is in my arms most nights, I think it makes him more comfortable as age and senility set in.  Foofers was at the foot of the bed when Harper and I were laying down.  Foofers walked up to me expecting to be taken into the fold of my arms and get a little snuggle.  Not to be Mr. Foofs!  In fact, he gave us both a very dirty look through his cataract-encrusted eyes, huffed, then went back to the foot of the bed.

As for the other two dogs, Caesar and Bear, they finally got to meet Harper in the morning while she was in her crib.  They were certainly less interested than the other two and immediately went back to roughhousing, only to get kicked out the door to go play.  All in all, things went well and I am looking forward to Harper spending the night again.