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My usual mode of dress to go to Wally World is a pair of sweats, no makeup, and tennis shoes.  Sometimes I will upgrade my look with a pair of jeans.  Seriously though, what’s the point?  This is Wal-mart we are talking about, have you seen the people that shop there? Well, I shop there, so that should tell you something I guess.  My point is, no one is trying to make a fashion statement and if they are they are probably dressed like a hooker.  The rest of us just go casual.

One day I was doing my usual shopping dressed to the nines this time: best tennis shoes, sweats with no food stains (usually I run to the store because I need something cooking), and even makeup. Not that it mattered, I still looked like Grandma going shopping.  Most everyone that was there looked just like me, a middle-aged woman getting groceries or a young Mom with a screaming kid.  Except for one man.  Now, I don’t make a habit of looking at other men for the most part, they are just not an interest for me.  I have been married for a long time and even though my husband and I have had our ups and downs, we are pretty comfortable with each other.  Besides, men are incredibly hard to train.  I should know, I have been trying to train my husband for almost thirty years and he still doesn’t behave.

Back to the MAN.  I turned my head in the electronics department and caught a glimpse of one of the best-looking men I have ever seen.  Not only was he gorgeous, but he was wearing a tailored suit, making him look like a Hollywood celebrity.  Not the kind of man you see in the electronics department at Wal-mart.  The average guy there is wearing a baseball cap and his underwear or his gut are hanging out of his jeans. As he walked by with his manicured hands and smooth, dark hair, I couldn’t  help but stare.

As he got a little farther away from me I mumbled under my breath, “Wow, that guy was hot!”

From behind me comes the voice of a little old lady who heard me, “Why yes, honey, it is hot in here”.

I looked at her, smiled, and went about my grocery shopping.  I have never learned to look before I speak, but this time it was worth it.