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Ryan Doesn't Want Any Peas

Children can be pretty fussy when it comes to eating vegetables.  My son Ryan was definitely one of those kids.  He wouldn’t eat veggies once he got past the baby food stage unless we threatened him (nicely, of course) which seldom worked anyhow.  So, I had to be tricky when it came to getting him to eat something like peas.  I personally love peas and can eat an entire can for lunch.  Ryan though would rather sit stone-faced staring at a plate of peas than eat them.

To solve this problem we often had green pancakes for breakfast.  What kid wouldn’t love cool-looking flapjacks?  The only thing that Ryan didn’t know was that I put blended peas in the batter before cooking them.  A little butter and syrup on top, and there you have it, an entire serving of peas in one sitting.  The same can be done with corn.

Ryan isn’t the only person I have pulled this trick on over the years.  My husband came from a family that would only eat the best food whether they could afford it or not.  Take for example ketchup.  Robert and his family would only use Hunt’s Ketchup because they thought it was the best.  My family believed in frugality, so trying to make Robert happy food-wise when we were young was tough.  That was until I got smart.  I kept the Hunt’s Ketchup bottle when it was empty and filled it up with whatever ketchup was on sale.  He never knew the difference, it was the brand that he and his family admired, not the actual ketchup.  Ketchup wasn’t the only product I switched out while not being caught in the act.  Eventually I told Robert what I had been up to over the years and how much money we had saved.  He was made into an instant convert.