It’s been awhile since I have been on here to write much of anything.  I just finished up another semester of school and will be done fall of this year.  For now though no more school until April, maybe even May.  I really need a break.  I have also been trying to make changes to my diet and routine because of my health, but it’s not always easy.  I have given up dairy products for the most part and just stick with veggie cheese, soy milk, almond milk, and lately some rice milk.  The rice milk is pretty good and I don’t even miss cow milk anymore.

I finally got to see the rheumatologist to confirm what my doctor already told me, I have fibromyalgia.  Apparently, twenty percent of fibro patients have rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or Lyme disease.  Doc says I am a good candidate for one of them because of the severity of my fibro and test results will be back in ten days. At least I get to go to tai chi water therapy for a month, but not this week.  My lovely husband made me sick.   As soon as I get a handle on this stupid cold, it is back to humor, writing, and recipes.