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Promises, promises, promises…..I make them to myself frequently and then fail to follow them.  One of those promises has been to keep up on my blogs.  Yeah, I haven’t been very good at that one, have I? It’s not that I have giving up writing; I do that every day while working on my first book.  I am also big on posting my strangely perverted, happy thoughts on Facebook, so if you are “friends” with me you aren’t missing out on much.  If you want to be my little friend, you can find me at my Happy Blonde Facebook page.

Life in Happy Blonde land has included a lot of snow lately; in fact we received about 13 inches with the last storm.  That equals about 1.6 inches of rainfall according to the Snowfall to Rainfall Calculator or basically not crap considering the drought we’ve been going through.  See this picture?  This is our neighbor’s pond last spring.  It is now completely empty.  Who knows, maybe with 13 inches of snow it might pass as a cup of fish soup now.


Anyhow, I am going to try and keep up my goal to blog more instead of just writing.  It’s good outlet that I should utilize more, maybe I’ll be less crazy.