Who Knew Russian Cabbage Could Be So Good?


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I am definitely going to try this!

While Chasing Kids

Don’t you love eggs?!?  Hmmmmm… all those eggs after Easter – when you end up with a dozen (or more) of them!  Hooray!  Boiled eggs for breakfast! Yeay! Boiled eggs for lunch!  Boiled eggs today! Boiled eggs tomorrow! Deviled eggs! Yeeey!

Here is one of those Russian dishes designed to be complimented by the texture of a boiled egg, though it hides the white protein and yellow cholesterol so you wouldn’t even know they are there! 

Print this recipe



  • 1 recipe of French crepes
  • 1 small yellow onion, diced
  • 1 medium carrot, peeled and shredded,
  • 1 small cabbage, finely shredded
  • 2-3 boiled eggs, peeled, and cut into small cubes
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and finely cut
  • Salt, pepper to taste


Make crepes as directed in the recipe.

Make the stuffing.  On a frying pan, sauté onions till golden and soft, add carrots and cabbage…

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May 5 – National Enchilada Day


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Since my Husband’s heritage is Mexican, I thought this was appropriate.

Foodimentary - National Food Holidays

National Enchilada Day

Five Food Finds about Enchiladas

  • The enchilada is one of the dishes mentioned in Mexico’s first cookbook in 1831.
  • Enchilada is the past participle of Spanish enchilar, “to add chile pepper to”, literally to “season (or decorate) with chile.”
  • Enchiladas originated in Mexico, where the practice of rolling tortillas around other food dates back at least to Mayan times.
  • Writing at the time of the Spanish conquistadors, Bernal Díaz del Castillo documented a feast enjoyed by Europeans hosted by Hernán Cortés in Coyoacán, which included foods served in corn tortillas.
  • In the 19th century, as Mexican cuisine was being memorialized, enchiladas were mentioned in the first Mexican cookbook, El cocinero mexicano (“The Mexican Chef”), published in 1831, and in Mariano Galvan Rivera’s Diccionario de Cocina, published in 1845.

Today’s Food History

on this day in…

  • 1865 Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Jane Cochran) was born. In 1889 Bly successfully…

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Take Time To Make That Call, It Might Be The Last


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Saying goodbye to my Dad while he was lying on a cold, hard slab was one of the most difficult things that I have ever done.  He had only been gone for a couple of hours, but the coldness had already crept into his whole being.  I held his hand anyhow while the tears streamed down my face.  Thank God my husband was there to keep me standing; otherwise I would have hit the floor from the overpowering grief.  While my Dad was not the first relative of mine to die he was certainly the closest. He was not only my Father, but one of my closest friends.

Dad had his first massive heart attack at 59, causing his and my Mom’s life to change forever.  After having open heart surgery, he was forced to retire early because of his health.  He was a good, strong man though, and didn’t let this destroy him.  Dad had been a nurse and an ultrasound/x-ray technician during his career, so he knew all about caring and giving to others and this is exactly what he did for the next 18 years.  He became involved in numerous volunteer projects and was even named senior volunteer of the year at one time.  No matter how much pain he was in, he always had a smile on his face for others.  Over the years Dad had numerous health concerns and surgeries causing him to physically die on the table, but always come back.  Maybe this was one of the reasons his death was so hard on me, he had always cheated death before.

In the weeks before Dad passed he had been to the emergency room numerous times for severe back pain.  Since they didn’t feel it was his heart, he was medicated and  sent home with Mom.  I lived a little over an hour way, so in between visits, I spent a lot of time on the phone with my parents.  In fact, I called them two or three times every day.  When Dad’s back got worse, I started to call him at 7:30 in the morning on my way to work.  Since I already talked to him several times a day, I decided to cut out the 7:30 call so he wouldn’t get dependent on it and be upset if I forgot.  It was one of the worst mistakes I ever made.

The night Dad died my Mom called to say they had been to the emergency room and had been sent home once again with pain medicine for his back.  I offered to come home and be with them both to see what I could do, but my Mom reassured me it was OK.  It wasn’t.  At four am I got the call that Dad was gone.  I just held the phone and couldn’t even function.  My husband pretty much dressed me and we made the longest, most difficult journey that I will ever remember.

The moral of this story is to never take anyone for granted and give them that extra moment whenever you can.  If I had kept on calling Dad at 7:30 every morning, I would have been able to speak to him fourteen more times before he died.  It took me a long time to forgive myself for that but I finally did and I know that Dad is always watching over me.

Easy Hamburger Pot Pie


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We have been trying to stay away from gluten as much as possible but sometimes you just have to cheat.  Today is one of those days. Besides, I happened to have some Pillsbury Pie Crust in the freezer that needed to be used up.  This is the refrigerator crust version, but I bought it on sale a while back and popped it in the freezer.  I figure as long as I don’t eat the entire thing I am probably OK.  Even if I wake up tomorrow in pain (fibromyalgia, RA) it will still have been worth it.



Easy Hamburger Pot Pie

  • 2 lbs hamburger (preferably natural)
  • 1 lb frozen vegetables (I used carrots, cauliflower, & broccoli)
  • 2 cups of hamburger or roast beef gravy
  • frozen, refrigerator, or homemade pie crust
  • 1 tbsp oil

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees.  Cook hamburger in a skillet and add vegetables when done.  Cook for about 10 minutes, then add gravy mixture and cook until hot.  Choose whatever size pan will fit the pie crust and coat with a little olive oil or other oil to prevent sticking. I used a 7″ x 11″ x 2″ pan and it worked perfect. Press the pie crust into the pan and poke the bottom a few times with a fork.  Pour the hamburger mixture onto the crust and then place second crust on top.  Add a few slits in the crust and place in the oven.    Bake at 425 degrees for 40 to 45 minutes.

I hope you enjoy!

Be Careful Who You Butt Dial


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Have you ever called someone on accident from your cell phone and not realized it?  Of course you have, who hasn’t?  According to the Urban Dictionary the term butt dial is “to phone a friend accidentally using ones buttocks. Usually this is a result of sitting on the phone” (Urban, 2012).  I don’t know how many times someone has called me back because of an accidental call on my part.  The majority of the time it is fine, but sometimes the call can have disastrous consequences.  Usually this happens when the receiving party hears something they shouldn’t.  Just imagine carelessly butt dialing your boss and talking about what a jackass he is?  This might have some serious repercussions.  Better yet, butt dial your wife while fooling around with someone else. That one would probably get you thrown out of the house.

Now, the offending cell phone doesn’t always have to be in your pants for a butt dial to happen, sometimes it can just be casually lying on the bed.  This was the case in one of the most embarrassing butt dials of my life.  The hubby and I were in bed watching a movie, just enjoying the evening.  One thing led to another and before we knew it, it was nookie time.  Unbeknownst to either of us though, Robert’s cell phone was in bed with us. We managed to butt dial the last person he called several times.  Unfortunately that person was Grandma.

On the other end of the call, things weren’t so fun for Grandma who is near blind and had no clue who was calling her.  The calls were scaring her half to death because she was under the impression that whoever was calling was in the process of murdering someone.  Imagine the fright that poor woman must have been feeling! She called for help and of course my Mother-in-law came running over.  She calmed Grandma down and convinced her not to call the cops after she realized who the calls had been coming from because of caller id.  She didn’t know what was going on either and called us to make sure we were OK.  Of course, Robert told her that we never called and it must have been some prank call that didn’t show up on the id.

It wasn’t until the next day that we realized what had happened.  Yep, we butt dialed Grandma right in the middle of a little nookie.  My husband was mortified and refused to call Granny to explain what had happened, so I got left with the job.  Explaining butt dialing and sex to an 85-year-old woman is one of the most humiliating things I have ever done and I can guarantee that it will never happen again.  So, the moral of this story it to make sure that your cell phone is locked or off so accidental calls won’t happen.  You wouldn’t want butt dialing  to be responsible for giving someone a heart attack.


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Sleep is Overrated Anyhow


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My husband is one of those guys who can’t go to sleep without his wife at his side.  I guess I provide comfort and make him feel sleepy.  Usually I lay there till he falls asleep, then I get up and find something to do since I can’t sleep anyhow.  A couple of weeks ago I started painting the family room at 2 am.

The last couple of days have been rather tough, lots of pain and very little relief.  My knees and the joints of my fingers just throb and there isn’t much I can do to make the pain go away.  I was so exhausted from being miserable last night that I fell asleep at 9 pm and slept straight through until 4 am.  This rarely happens for me and I awoke refreshed, happy, and somewhat pain-free.

This wasn’t the case for the hubby.  I walked out into the family room to see him sitting on the couch in misery.  It seems that he didn’t get any sleep and spent the night tossing and turning thanks to me.  Me?  I slept for once, what could I have done?  Apparently even though I was sound asleep I cried and moaned in pain all night.  I guess this was a good thing for me, the pain eluded me through dreams, but tortured my husband.  Sleep is overrated anyhow.


Richfield. (Photographer). (n.d.). Round, biconvex white tablets. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http://www.freestockphotos.biz/stockphoto/5483

A Saturday in Hell


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I consider myself a fairly religious person.  I believe in God, say my prayers, and know the difference between right and wrong.  Now, whether I always choose right is another matter, but at least I try. I have Imagealso tried to raise my children with these same beliefs and believe I have done a pretty decent job of it.  That doesn’t mean that on occasion my children weren’t the spawn of the devil.  In fact they were down-right evil sometimes.

Take for example one beautiful and sunny Saturday afternoon when Amber was about twelve and Ryan nine.  I was out back cleaning the pool, weeding the garden, sweeping the deck, and all of the multitude of things that need to be done on the weekend.  It was a beautiful day and I was taking full advantage of it.  Amber and Ryan were playing with friends out front and even though they were old enough that I didn’t need to worry, I still checked on them.  Not because I thought some horrible thing would happen to them, but mainly to make sure they weren’t doing something stupid like jumping off the roof.  Yes, my lovely children used to do that.

It wasn’t long after I had been in the backyard that a couple of gentlemen in suits came round back to find me.  They had very stern looks on their face and the first thought in my head was “Oh crap”.

“Ma’am, we really need to speak with you,” one of the gentlemen asked with fire in his eyes.

“Yes, is something wrong?  Is someone hurt?  Have my kids done something awful?” I asked fearfully.

The younger gentleman pulled out his bible, some literature, and said “Ma’am, we are Jehovah Witnesses and we are concerned about your eternal soul.”

“Really?”  I replied.  “Look, I am a Lutheran and certainly not perfect, but I don’t think I am exactly going to burn in the pits of Hell”.

I smiled, turned my back on them, and went in the house.  I was perplexed.  Many times church groups have come to my door but they had never been concerned that I was immediately going to burn.  I was getting a little paranoid, maybe they knew something I didn’t.  Crap…I decided that I better make sure to go to church on Sunday.

After awhile I looked outside  the window to make sure it was safe and went to check on the kids.  They were still laughing and playing, reinstating my faith in myself that I was an OK person.  As I reached for the door knob I noticed there was a piece of paper taped to the door.  I would have recognized Amber’s handwriting anywhere,  It said in bold letters: Please go away, we worship the Devil!

No wonder those men thought I was the Devil himself.  After I chuckled to myself I made sure that playtime was over for the kids.

Gluten-Free Bread


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Gluten-Free Bread

For health reasons my husband has been after me to start  implementing gluten-free into our diet.  Since I love bread, it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially cost-wise.  Gluten-free bread at the store costs anywhere from $5 on up.  Not exactly in our price range for a loaf of bread.  So I did some research and found a site with lots of recipes to use including one for the bread machine.  I was so excited that I went shopping for all the supplies at one in the morning.

I have been baking home-made bread for years, including using the bread machine.  I am one of those people that just uses a recipe as a guide and pretty much just does it my way.  It’s worked for me for thirty years, so I didn’t think it would be an issue this time.  Well, I found out the hard way that this recipe needs to be followed step by step.  My first try resulted in bread that resembled a piece of lava rock.  I was pretty frustrated since I invested quite a bit of money to get the supplies.

I decided to give it another go today and followed the recipe to a tee.  This time out came a delicious looking loaf.  Well worth the effort.  The recipe is from Mary Frances at Gluten Free Cooking School.

Really Good Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

  • 1 Tbsp. bread machine yeast
    1 Tbsp. sugar
    1 ½ c. water (105 degrees or a little less than hot)
  • 2 ½ cups of my gluten free flour mix
    2 tsp. xanthan gum
    1tsp. salt
  • 3 eggs (or 9 Tbsp. water and 3 Tbsp. ground flax seed)
    1 ½ Tbsp. oil
    1 tsp. cider vinegar

1. Start by combining the yeast and sugar in a small bowl (I use the smallest in my set of three nested mixing bowls). Add the water while gently stirring the yeast and sugar. Let this mixture sit while you mix the rest of the ingredients – bubbles and foam should form if the yeast is happy.

2. Combine the flour mix, xanthan gum and salt in the largest mixing bowl and stir well.

3. In a third bowl, whisk the eggs, oil and vinegar until the eggs are a bit frothy.

4. By this point the yeast mixture should be foamy, so you can pour the two liquid mixtures into the flour mixture. Blend the dough with a mixer for 4 minutes.

Bread Machine Directions:

Scoop your dough into the bread machine and smooth the top of the dough. I bake my bread using an 80 minute setting that allows for 20 minutes of kneading, 18 minutes of rise, and 42 minutes of baking. However, since I don’t use the paddle in by bread machine, I’m effectively doing a 38 minute rise and a 42 minute bake. (The advantage of not using the paddle is that you don’t end up with a hole in the bottom of your bread.)

Conventional Oven Directions:

Scoop the dough into a greased loaf pan. Allow the dough to rise in a warm area until is is about 1 inch from the top of the pan. Then bake at 375 degrees for 50 – 60 minutes.  (Frances, 2011)

What your bread shouldn't look like.

Getting ready to bake!



Frances, M. (2011, October 3). Finally, really good sandwich bread: Our favorite gluten free bread recipe. Retrieved from http://www.glutenfreecookingschool.com/archives/finally-really-good-sandwich-bread/

A Little Paint Does Wonders


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For the longest time I had an antique rug in front of the fireplace.  It was from circa 1920 and I loved that rug, yet was starting to fray a bit and didn’t deserve to be stomped on by four dogs and three cats, so I sold it.  I didn’t want to spend $200 or more on a new rug, so some hunting and scavenging was in store for me.

A while back a new Habitat for Humanity ReStore opened in town. Restores sell used building materials in good condition and at great prices.  I love thrift shops, garage sales, and craigslist.org, so it didn’t take long for me to check it out.  I was able to find a large piece of Berber carpet that had obviously been removed from a room.  The color was a light cream but not the color I was looking for.  It also had a dark stain in one corner.  However, priced at a whopping $9, it wasn’t something that I could pass up either.

The stain was covered easily by furniture and I cut the carpet to fit.  The cutting left the edges looking frayed so ribbon (bought on clearance after Christmas) was glued on.  Although this made the carpet look decent enough, the color just didn’t go with the rest of the house. While surfing the net for options I came across a site about painting carpet.  It seems that Berber is the perfect carpet to paint.

So with a can of left-over maroon paint and a brush, I went to work.  It only took about 45 minutes to paint and then over night to dry.  I figured at the time it would need several coats, but have decided that I like the brush-stroke look.  Besides, if I get tired of it I can always add that second coat.

Before picture


A Much Needed Smile


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Sometimes a smile and a laugh can take away a lot of pain.  My daughter Amber gave me one of those moments this morning and it was really needed.  Yesterday was my first visit to therapy for a consult.  I was under the impression that following therapy would be basic Tai Chi in a nice, warm pool.  Of course, this wasn’t the case.  It’s never the case when it comes to me.  If the weatherman said there was a one percent chance of rain, then raindrops would land on my head.

The day before my visit, I made sure to take a long bath and shave parts that haven’t seen a razor in quite a while.  I even used the scraper on my feet and painted my toenails. Didn’t want to wear a swimming suit and frighten the therapist.  I’m sure they have seen worse, but I do have some pride left. After going over paperwork with the front office, I was slowly whisked away by my therapist Susan. She was a very nice lady and explained that they treat a lot of patients with fibromyalgia, so I was in good hands.

Then the torture started.  Susan needed to have me move in every direction possible to determine my range of motion and the level of pain.  This only lasted for a little while, but seemed to go on forever.  I can’t blame her for the pain, she was only doing her job, but oh my! I’m not doing that again for a while.  Susan was very sweet when she was done putting me through agony, she brought me heat packs to lie on.  Those packs almost made up for the misery.

This morning was like another round of torture thanks to therapy. Every muscle throbbed with pain.  Now, mornings are tough for me anyhow and it takes a while for me to get going.  This morning was unbelievable though. It took me three hours to get moving.  I woke up at seven, took 800 mg of ibuprofen, then went back to bed, and just snuggled with my dog Foofers.  He is old, so hopefully through his doggy dementia he had a little bit of empathy for my struggle.  Probably not though, because he was busy snoring until I finally crawled out of bed at ten.

Amber called not long after and that I told her it took me three hours to get out of bed.  She made some weird noise, huffed, and informed me I better get my butt to the emergency room.  It seems she had the impression of me trying to sit up for three hours. That was definitely the laugh and smile that I needed to get my day going.